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Broadgate Estates Management Office, Liverpool Street

Broadgate Estates Management Office This Office Refurbishment Project took place over a 4-month period, from the end of 2018, over the Christmas break, and into the New Year. It was vitally important to the client to upgrade their workspace to sit in line with the reputation and importance of the work they carry out daily, whilst keeping within their budget expectations. The company now takes advantage of a huge open plan, well-lit space that is inviting for them and their prospective clients alike. The space has a new tea point and breakout area, meeting rooms, new shower, toilet and changing facilities [...]


Multi-National Financial Services, Holborn

Multi National Financial Services, Holborn This building was in great need of a make over in order to bring it up to a respectable standard, that sits in line with the reputation and expectation of the prolific clients residing within its office space on a daily basis. We were tasked with performing a range of works that we undertook both out of hours and in normal working hours. The communal and high traffic areas were the most important to improve aesthetically, with some vital health & safety works being carried out too. The campus consists of 3 buildings and is open [...]


Data Centre, Central London

Data Centre, Central London The purpose of this project was to supply the client with a highly secure data facility keeping in mind space optimisation and safety. We have carried out numerous data centre fit outs, and although it has mainly been the installation of fabric elements and BWIC, we have also been involved with the mechanical and electrical side of installation and design too. Our data centre fit outs are a fantastic guideline for the level of expectation required from all of our works throughout the country, due to the high sensitivity, value and the need for a completely dust [...]


Discovery Channel, Chiswick West London

Discovery Channel This project involved the management and overseeing of a large number of operatives of many different skillsets. Organisation was key as the works proceeded, as these operatives were working in the same areas, as well as working with incumbent contractors carrying out separate electrical installations. The works took place in different areas and over different floors meaning, the protection and cordoning off the access routes was of vital importance to ensure the safety of the employees and our own operatives working within. All of the works were carried out over evenings in the week and utilising full weekend days. [...]


TAD Contracts Office

TAD Contracts Office This warehouse located in Basildon Essex, was originally used for storage purposes so that we could access materials for works being undertaken out of hours, that we may not have generally had access to when required.  Within the last 3 years the company has outgrown the existing office based in Canary Wharf, which we now use an office for hot desking.   Having a huge warehouse space, and being an interior fit out company, we decided to build a brand new office space to house our ever growing staff! The office now sits on the mezzanine level of the [...]


BBC Workshop, Central London

BBC Workshop, Central London This project is one in which we had to convert an open space car park, and the objective was to create a new workshop area to house heavy duty equipment, plant and machinery. The space in which we needed to work and erect the new walls was extremely tight, and logistically everything needed to be accurate in order to transport the plant and machinery safely into their proposed positions. Works Breakdown Protection placement throughout and construction of hoarding to specific working areas before main works were due to commence. Install 400m2 [...]