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Fire Stopping;

It is of upmost importance to seal any gap and void within a property to impede the spread of fire and/or smoke.
The majority of the works we carry out are to service penetrations through walls and floors.
By utilising the latest products and application techniques our experienced and fully trained operatives undertake projects ranging from a single fire seal, to a complete programme of protection, to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and maintain structural integrity.

Services that we provide:

Structural Fire Stopping between Floors– Fire barriers with high movement capabilities.
Cavity Barriers– Prevent the unseen movement of flame and smoke within concealed spaces.
Acoustic barriers/seals– Providing sound reduction within floors and walls..
Fire stopping walls and floors– the reinstatement of breached or damaged fire compartmentalisation using fully tested fire stopping systems supplied by leading manufacturers.
Fire rated movement details– Fire barriers with high movement capabilities where the structural walling abuts curtain walling and/or tops of walls.
Air Sealing– Ensuring rooms are air sealed and compliant to current building regulations.
Structural Steel work– Using a board or sprayed fire protection system, steel frames supporting buildings can be insulated from the effects of fire for up to 240 minutes.

Diamond Drilling & BWIC;

As we entered 2017 we were privileged enough to be in affiliation with Hilti.

One of the main reasons this is so beneficial to us is that Hilti themselves have put a substantial amount of investment into the research, development and production of tooling and accessories.

This means we are consistently using the highest quality equipment to carry out our Diamond Drilling works over a variety of challenging sites.

We ensure that all of our operatives in control of this equipment are fully complaint and understand the following:

  • They maintain ALL plant and equipment.
  • That PPE is worn at all times and correct supervision ensures a safe working
  • Adequate supervision, training and instruction is given to allow the works to be carried out in a safe manner.
  • Safe working environments for themselves and the general public.
  • They adhere to all safety requirements and take necessary precautions
    throughout the inspections and use of equipment.